The need for a professional portrait

Do you have a small business?  Does the style of your head shot photo match your brand?  Were you 10 years younger in your photo?  Are you looking for a new job?  What does your LinkedIn photo look like?  Is someone else’s shoulder in it?  Do you look friendly, relaxed, and confident in your current head shot?  Do people compliment your social media profile photos?

Now days, media is a current representation of your business.  Of YOU as an individual.  If it looks cheap and unprofessional, that’s the impression your customers have.  And if your photo is more than 3 years old, it’s time for a new one!  C’mon people, age can be a good thing!  Show your true self and be proud of it (yes, we can smooth wrinkles!).

I recently spent time with a small business owner who needed updated head shots.  An eager mom who was ready to get back into the working world at PNT Group LLC.   And wanted to get ready to rock this gig in the right way.   Starting with updated photos.

We had so much fun capturing a variety of shots for her to use on her website and other promotional materials.   There were a couple outfit changes, capturing both indoor and outdoor options.  It was easy and relaxed and look at all the beautiful photos we got!  Genuine smiles and controlled ones too!













This niche in the real estate market, PNT Group is sure to keep up its success.   And this momma was so pretty, so relaxed, and about to put her best foot forward with these updated images.

Reach out to me today for updated profile photos!



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