Mac & Mia – Spring Styles, model that!!

Well, she is a bit of a wild, unpredictable one.  And she sure loves fashion! Maybe those things go hand in hand!  At a young age, this gal was interested in choosing outfits all by herself.  Often in many layers.  Once she came downstairs wearing 7 shirts.  Yes 7.  One on top of the other.  Which she put on all by herself.  She was a bit stiff and mummy-like, but strutted towards me with a huge, proud smile.  Ta-da!!

Fast forward some years, and here we are with a fun opportunity to model some amazing Mac & Mia stylized clothing!!   You guys…. these adorable pre-stylized outfits show up at your doorstep!  So amazing.   Have your little one try on clothing in the comfort of your own home, keep what you want and put the rest in a pre-paid envelope to return!  So easy and so fun!!

Please save $20 and use this special link to try Mac & Mia for your kids!  save20here

Check out these adorable spring outfits by Mac & Mia!



Do you see these jeans??!!  OMG!  The pockets are absolutely adorable.  They are a very soft and comfortable material too!  This gal does not normally like jeans, but somehow she LOVED these!   For me, there is something priceless about young kids in jeans.  Cuteness to the max!!





Then it was time for the dress!  A cute flower print with some perfectly placed pockets for a little extra fun!


And finally, in traditional Northwest style…. we must LAYER UP!  It was getting a bit chilly, so pop that teal top on and we are looking as cute as ever!





Schedule your Mac & Mia box today!  And save $20 with this link!   And then, of course get your photo session booked with ME!!


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