“Imaginations” – a personal and educational project – from 4 years ago!

What seems like an eternity ago (but was actually only 4 years), I was enrolled in the photography program at the University of Washington.  It was a journey that I needed as I progressed with my photography business.  I was hungry to learn!

There are endless topics of photography to try to understand and master.  For my end-of-year project, I wanted something that was out of my comfort zone and something that I had zero experience with in the past…. which was building a “composite” image.   Composite images can be quite complex.  They are a combination of multiple images into one.  The blending can be very tricky and a lot of elements come into play – like direction of light, shadows, and depth of field.   I sat in the computer lab for hours and hours experimenting with Photoshop and learning techniques to help me create each of these.  And let me just say that this is just the tip of the iceberg for the power of Photoshop!

My children were perfect subjects.  Their imagination and willingness to dress-up made for some incredibly fun photo sessions!  By no means are any of these composites perfect, but they are a creation from nothing, a little silly, and a pure form of bringing imagination to life.








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