when life gives you raindrops…

Another weekend packed with scheduled photo sessions along with a 50/50 chance for rain in Seattle.  Ah, the perfect conundrum. Do you go for the back-to-back mini session photos or do you attempt the dreadful reschedule?  I love watching the weather and the radar, being prepared for just about anything, but I am not a meteorologist – so I have no idea if your session will be hit with raindrops.  I always prefer clients have a say in doing the photos or not since they will ultimately be their photos!  Are you ok with being under an umbrella for some shots?  I understand either way.  Really I do.

On this given day, it was on and off rain all morning.  I was going to be at the location and I gave clients the choice to show up or not.  How does that saying go…. 80% of success is showing up?!  Or something like that.  On this day, it was!

Well, here we have a super awesome family with two super sweet kids who were ready to embrace the possibility for rain.

All situated for the first photo, and here it comes – the rain!!  Ahhhhhh!  So, I grabbed my cute clear bubble umbrellas and got to work.  The best thing about using umbrellas is that it keeps everyone so close together!  Don’t they look so cuddly!?!


The fun just continued from there.  The kids had a blast.  Ultimately, I’m SO glad it rained.   The endless genuine smiles are So. Much. Fun!




This was ALL in a mini session – – – 20 minutes you guys…. the fun just continued!



I always prefer locations with some pavement.  Can you see how the shots are extended with their reflections on the wet ground?!  I love it!









At the end we decided to get some with rain coats on!  It’s the best kind of wardrobe change in Seattle in November!  New splashes of color!  So good!





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