Siblings are SPECIAL!

I tell my girls (almost every day) that “sisters are special”.  I think they will remember that phrase when they grow up – I say it that much.  And they truly love each other.  My goal as a mom is to not only have them love each other as children, but also have them love each other 40 years from now.    Does motherhood have an influence on that?  Who knows!  I’m giving it my best attempt!  This post, however, is celebrating siblings – sisters – brothers.   Any combination of them.  They are all special.   Siblings have unique relationships with each other.  The importance of photographing your kids is real.  When they are grown, they will appreciate it even more!

I am a sibling.  I have one sister.  And we are close.  Very close.  We are fortunate enough to live in the same city – though it wasn’t always that way.  I still pinch myself when I think about my one and only sibling and how lucky we are to have each other – I love her so much!

I was fortunate to photograph this wonderful brother and sister.  The sessions was cheerful, relaxed, and easy, and I truly believe we captured the genuine relationship that this brother and sister  share.    Check out some of the fun!











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