Airbnb… this one is a masterpiece!

Do you ever walk into a space and feel completely comfortable?  Like you want to sit down and absorb the beautiful space around you?   The colors put you at ease.  The smell of subtle aromatherapy.   Ahh…  just that perfect place to be.  That happened to me when I went to photograph this space  – which is now available on Airbnb!


Designed and built by an architect himself, this place completely shines!   Wow.  Every element is truly amazing.   The attention to detail.  The art! The excellent use of space.  The open air feeling and the high ceilings with the most perfect lighting.  It is truly a gem.


The furnishings are so fitting – retro but modern.  And that couch you see…. the coolest thing in how it converts into a bed.  It was one of my favorite elements of the place!


The brightest bedroom awaits!  So cheerful and that green wall is perfect!


This functional kitchen space is great, with a refrigerator hidden behind one of those wood doors.  See?!  So cool.



A beauty of a bathroom, complete with robes and  a walk in shower.



There is a small deck for outdoor cooking and he even has two adorable cruiser bikes available for guests to use.  So fun!



A huge kudos to this owner for creating a retreat in our beautiful city of Seattle!!

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